About Humanology®

We are a publisher of books that transcend the bounds of time.  With over 100,000 manuscripts published worldwide every year, we choose to work only with important works; those that promise to be socially empowering, making them timeless by their nature.
Subject matter is not limited.  Target audiences can range from children to seniors and can have appeal to men or women.  What is most important is the project's intrinsic value based on social impact. 
If you wish to submit a literary work for consideration, feel free to send an email outlining the subject matter of the project.  Convey the basic idea behind your work, its likely target audience, why you believe people will want to read/own it, and when it will be ready for editing, packaging and distribution. 
Do not submit your work in any form without an invitation to do so.  The review process begins only with concepts and ideas.  Send an email to: submission@permanentpublications.com
If you are a producer or director looking for an important movie or television project, send an email to: project@permanentpublications.com
If you are looking for books on the science of Humanology, follow the "Books" link in the menu.